Photo by Tammy Cantrell

Memorial Mockup
Artist – Steve Pi

Steve Pi (short for Piscitelli) has lived in Florida since 1991 and is best known for his bronze sculptures re-creating ballet dancers. His most prominent piece is a larger-than-life dancer, recently on display outside Southern Ballet Theatre studios in downtown Orlando. Pi has also created desktop statures that the Southern Ballet presents as achievement awards. A bronze bust of musician Frank Zappa is on display at the Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersburg.

Pi’s work mostly has two themes – dancers and war. On the shelf above the worktable in his studio are dozens of sculptures in various stages of completion. Clay models and wax forms share space with heavy bronze sculptures. On the left are dancers in tutus standing on point and others caught in a grand jete leap. On the right are tortured figures – battle fatigued soldiers collapsed on their weapons or crying a silent scream.

Steve explains, “I dealt with war imagery by making statues of what was bothering me. In order to counterbalance that depressing, miserable subject, I took the most beautiful form of human endeavor, which is dance, and began making dancers just simply as a balance.”

“My art is not for the present. There is a great amount of art and portrature, but there is almost none from the year 1000.

My images are created to be viewed in the year 3000 when people will look different than they do today. Of my models, one is half Hungarian and half Guatamalan Indian. Another is from Puerto Rico and is a mix of African, European and Native American. These types of people did not exist 500 years ago. I wonder what pople will look like in another 1000 years.

My intent is for these images to survive in any way. they can be hood ornament, boat anchors, toys, buried in a bip or thrown in the sea, paintied. repatinaed or polished and it will not hurt the value. The only importance is that the images survive for 1000 years.

Materials used, in order of longevity are: 

Exotic Hardwoods
Stainless Steel

I want future races of people to see what we looked like at the turn of this millenia. I will be doing this for the rest of my life.”

Artist & Sculpturer Steve Pi
Photo by Life Magazine

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